DAY 54 (Transition Week 2)

Weight this morning: 123.2

I’m glad to see the scale going back down!

MEAL #1 @ 6:45 Chocolate Chip Pancake, coffee, water

MEAL #2 @ 9:15 Nacho Chili Puffs, fried egg, 1/2 banana

MEAL #3 @ 12:30 Orange Cream Shake, muffin top (yes, the top of a muffin- 1/4″ thick slice)

MEAL #4 @ 3:15 Brownie.  I love this diet.

MEAL #5 @ 6:30 Lean & Green: While everyone else is eating enchilada casserole, I’ll be taking all the meat and cheese and sauce and making a big ol’ taco salad out of it!  No tortillas for me….yet.  My enchilada salad consisted of taco-seasoned ground elk, shredded cheese, a dallop of sour cream, a small serving of refried beans all on top of a heaping pile of romaine lettuce.


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