DAY 55 (Transition Week 2)

Weight this morning: 122.8

I’m going to stop reporting Loss, since I’m not working to lose any more and I’m simply trying to maintain where I’m at.   My goal was to lose 10 pounds, and I did that…..I lost 12 at my peak!  Now it’s all about maintenance.


MEAL #1 @ 6:45 Chocolate Chip Pancake, coffee, water, egg yolk (one of my daycare kiddos brought hard-boiled eggs for breakfast and his mom said to just throw out the yolk since he won’t eat it.  So I ate it!)

MEAL #2 @ 9:45 Crunch Bar

MEAL #3 @ 12:45 Brownie topped with a dallop of cream cheese ‘frosting’, a slice of Prime Rib & a Gingerbread Cookie (no icing)

MEAL #4 @ 4:00 Crunch Bar (again)

MEAL #5 @ 6:15 Lean & Green: Buffalo Chicken Tenders made with TVP (texturized vegetable protein) instead of bread crumbs, tiny salad, 1/2 a baked potato. 2 Dove Dark chocolates.  Tea.  The chicken tenders were really good!  Jim ate a bite of mine (with the TVP) and said there was really no difference between mine or the breaded version everyone else was eating- and in fact mine was crunchier!  Score!

Despite my sweets today, I still ended at the correct carbs/sugar recommendation for the day!  Yippee!!


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