Eight Week Update

So I finished the first two weeks of transition- adding in ALL vegetables the first week, and adding in 2 servings of fruit the second week.  I have to admit, I haven’t been eating 2 servings of fruit, nor a lot of extra vegetables….but I have eaten a half banana a couple times this week….and snacked on apple slices when I cut them up for the kids.  It’s nice to finally be able to do that.  And eat a few french fries (I know, I know, high in fat and unhealthy) but they ARE potatoes and I can now eat potatoes!!

I kicked off this week with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day….going completely OFF the meal plan for Christmas Day (I mean NO Medifast meals at all) and overeating in calories by double what I should have eaten, not to mention blowing my carb/sugar count out of the water.  I didn’t get back on track the next day like I should have, either.  I couldn’t resist all the temptations around me.

I found myself faced with a dilemma.  Do I just stop right there and quit the plan cold-turkey and see how I do?  I figured I’d probably do OK maintaining on my own without any Medifast meals.  But then I decided the program is written the way it is, for a reason.  I can’t say whether or not the plan works if I don’t actually follow it, right?  I had to follow through.  I have two more weeks of Transition, then I go into Maintenance for a while (where I’m still eating Medifast for breakfast and maybe an afternoon pick-me-up snack).

Anyway, I DID get back on track….2 days later….on the 27th.  I didn’t go back on the 5 & 1, I went back to my Week 2 Transition meal plan.  After all, with the Week 2 plan I was no longer in the fat-burning zone like I was on the 5 & 1.

It’s a hiccup. I’m still paying the price for that overindulgence. My “after Christmas” weight peaked at 123.8 for a total weight gain of 2.4 pounds. It’s been steadily dropping back off. Slowly, but surely.

My 6th week on the Take Shape For Life plan is my “marker”.  That was the point in which I was happy with my measurements and weight and started to transition off the meal plan.  These markers are my Target:


Weight:                                   122.4 pounds
Waist (narrowest point):     27.25
Waist (belly button line):    29.25
Hips:                                     35.5
Thighs:                                 20.2

Here I am, 2 weeks later….. 2 weeks into the Transition Phase:

Weight:                                   122.6
Waist (narrowest point):    27
Waist (belly button line):   29
Hips:                                      35.2
Thighs:                                  20.2

About the same- slightly thinner!  Yippee!!

I am now entering the 3rd week of Transition.  For this phase I can add in 1 cup of dairy (to go along with my “any vegetables are OK” and 2 servings of fruit).  I’ve already been drinking half-and-half with my coffee (and I drink about 3 coffees every day).  I also eat cheese already….so I guess my add-in will be a glass of milk every now and then….or a yogurt (if I can find some low sugar yogurt).  I do miss having a glass of milk now and then.

My daily “allowance” looks like this:

Calories       1,382
Fat             30 19%
Carbs           173 50%
Sugar             70
Protein           123 35%

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