DAY 59 (Transition Week 3)

Still no scale!


MEAL #1 @ 8:30 Medifast Chocolate chip pancake, coffee

MEAL #2 @ 10:00 Medifast Chocolate Shake (oops, didn’t mean to eat this so early- I made it for the drive, and drank it as soon as we got in the car!)

MEAL #3 @ 1:45 Costco Carne Asada Bake– but I didn’t eat the bread part, just the insides.  No idea how to count that meal, so instead I just said I ate 1/2.  Hmmmm.

MEAL #4 @ 5:15 medifast crunch bar (everyone else had pizza and salad)

MEAL #5 @ 7:00 Lean & Green: Inside Outside eggrolls on a bed of lettuce and (gasp!) two brownie bites

Total Calories: 1,419

Fat 47.2g 29.5%
Sodium 2,290.4mg
Carbohydrates 153.5g 42.7%
Sugars 64.9g
Protein 100.1g 27.8%


Calories           1,382
Fat                  30 19%
Carbs                173 50%
Sugar                  70
Protein                123 35%



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