Nine Week Update

No change in weight or measurements…..yay!  I’m right where I was at last week’s check-in…..right where I was when I decided to stop the 5 &1 program.  Maintaining at 122-123 and all my measurements are remaining stable.  Yippee!!

I’ve decided Transition weeks are waaaaay harder than being on the 5 &1 plan.  I’m hungrier (because I’ve added carbs back in which throws off the glucose levels in your body) and it’s much easier to ‘snack’.  I’m trying really hard to stick to eating every 3 hours or so, but sometimes I’m hungry earlier, and sometimes I eat something so filling that 4 or 5 hours go by before I’m hungry again.

It’s easier to “cheat” because theoretically, if a whole banana is OK to eat- and it’s 105 calories and contains 15 grams of sugar and 27 carbs….then why not eat 3 Dove Dark chocolates instead- it’s only 25 more calories, but has the same amount of sugar yet half the carbs?  Ok Ok, I know it’s wrong, it’s unhealthy and it’s not following the plan.  Sad that I choose to have chocolates over a piece of whole grain bread.  Or over a cup of yogurt.  But dang it, I LOVE my dark chocolate!

I’ve completed the first 3 weeks of Tranisition.  Today is my day to start Stage 4 of Transition: I finally get to add a serving of whole grain and another 6 oz of lean meat.

Here’s where I admit that I’ve already done that a couple times (making a sandwich with 1/2 an Orowheat Thin, or eating a 1/2 slice of Whole Grain Bread with a slathering of peanut butter, or (gasp) eating the top crust of a Costco Carne Asada Bake (but not eating the ends or the thick bottom crust)….and I did eat 1/2 a 6″ Subway Sandwich with just the bottom bread and not the top.

And I’ve been lately eating two Lean and Green meals….so I kinda already incorporated stage 4 of Transition.

So…..I’m skipping Week 4 and going straight to Maintenance.  According to TSFL, Maintenance looks like this:

Week 1 – add 100 calories to Lunch
Week 2 – add another 100 calories to Lunch
Week 3 – add another 100 calories to Lunch
Week 4 – add 100 calories to Mid-Morning Fueling
Week 5 – add 100 calories to Mid-Afternoon Fueling
Week 6 – add 100 calories to Breakfast
Week 7 – add 100 calories to Breakfast

Um, I’m not going to make my life “that” complicated.

I calculated out the nutrition goals for someone on Week 4 Transition and came up with this:

Calories: 1,514
Fat: 31 grams/day
Carbs: 181/day 48%
Sugar: 64/day
Protein: 143/day 38%

So THAT is going to be my plan.  I’m not going to follow a strict Transition Week 4 or Maintenance Plan (as they have it written).  I’m where I want to be and I’ve been maintaining, so this will continue to be what I strive for on a daily basis.

I’m implementing what I’ve learned and here’s ELISA’S MAINTENANCE PLAN:

  • I’ll continue to have Medifast meals for breakfast and afternoon snacks as long as my budget allows.
  • I’m not going back to my skim-milk lattes.  I’m keeping the fuller-fat sugar-free half-and-half versions.  Even when I go to Starbucks, which isn’t as often as it used to be pre TSFL.
  • I’m going to continue striving for Lean and Green lunches.  Heavy on the greens.  I enjoyed my big lunch days and eating all these great new foods.
  • I’m really not planning on going back to eating pasta or breads.  I’ve lived without them for 2.5 months now and haven’t missed them that much.   Before I buy any more pasta, I’ll be checking the labels looking for low sugar low carb versions so that I don’t have to sit on the sidelines while everyone else is eating pasta dishes.  Or just make sure I have lots of protein to counterbalance it!
  • I’m going to continue with the eating every 3 hours deal.  That’s 6:30, 9:30, 12:30, 3:30 and 6:30 PM targets.  Trying not to snack in between.
  • No more soda.  That’s for sure!  I feel guilty drinking sparkling water, even!

I’m also done with my daily blogging.

I’ll still track my meals on, and weigh in daily and take measurements twice a week.  I’ll post weekly updates on here to keep you posted on how the Maintenance phase is going.

Stay tuned for my weekly updates!


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