90 Days and Getting Healthier….still!

This is the end of my 13th week…..or 90 days….or 3 solid months on the program.  The bulk of my loss took place that first month, but I’m happy to see that I continue to lose and get thinner, more lean, as time progresses.

Weight 133.4 124.2 122.6 122.4
Waist (narrowest point) 29.75 27.5 27 26.75
Waist (belly button line) 34.5 30 29 28.75
Hips 38 36 35.25 34.875
Upper Thigh 22 20.75 20.25 19.875
Total Pounds Lost: 9.2 10.8 11.0
Total Inches Lost: 10 12.75 14

I only stuck to the 5 & 1 portion of the program (Phase 1) for 6 weeks, the past 7 weeks loss is the result of me living my new healthier lifestyle!

Breakfast every day:  High-quality fuel is essential to start your day off right.  I still kick off every morning with a Medifast meal.

Exercise: Exercise increases metabolism and provides strength, flexibility, and mental clarity.  I try to exercise at least 3 days a week.

Support: My Health Coaches provide tools, education, and support.  I truly believe my coaches are what make the difference and keep me going.

Healthy Balanced Meals 5 to 6 times a day: Eating smaller meals throughout the day, controlling portion sizes and eating low carb and low sugar are critical for success.

Tracking: I monitor what I eat and I weigh and measure myself a couple times a week as an effort to maintain my optimal weight….this will give me the opporutnity to catch weight regain before it becomes a challenge.

So does all this mean I eat perfectly all day every day?  No, I’ve forgotten to eat breakfast a few times, and I’ll admit to having three donuts this week in a moment of weakness.  My sweet tooth is still incredibly strong, but I have healthy options to satisfy it (MF brownies, MF pudding, MF cookies, etc.).  And I find myself not very hungry most days, making it hard to remember to eat often!

I’m staying away from carbs and sugar as much as possible and I’m getting leaner, stronger, thinner.  My “no-more-muffin-top” continues to trim itself – hooray!



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