Food Choices when you are “off” the program….

First off, if you do the program right, you never really go “off” the program.  You will continue to eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day, eat nutritionally balanced meals, choose whole-grain and high protein food items, and stay away from refined sugar and any “junk” foods that got you unhealthy in the first place!

You might not be eating MF replacement meals, but then again, you might!

When another Health Coach told me that she continued to eat MF meals on occasion, I thought she was nuts.  And when I first started the program and didn’t have the “taste” for the foods, I really thought she was nuts!

But here I am, three months into the maintenance piece….and I DO continue to eat MF meals on occasion!

I kick off most mornings with a MF pancake for breakfast, or sometimes a MF Cappuccino.  And in the afternoons or evening, if I have a craving for something sweet and dessert-like, I indulge in a MF pudding or a MF hot chocolate.  Or better yet, a MF brownie!

I mean…. look at this comparison- why wouldn’t you choose a MF replacement?


Pudding Medifast Brand Handi-Snack
Calories 111 100
Fat 1 1
Carbs 15.1 23
Fiber 4 0.8
Sugar 9.1 17
Protein 14.1 1
Hot Chocolate Medifast Brand Swiss Miss
Calories 102 120
Fat 1 2.5
Carbs 14.2 23
Fiber 4.1 1
Sugar 10.2 17
Protein 14.2 1
Brownie Medifast Brand Betty Crocker
Calories 110 130
Fat 2 1.5
Carbs 15 27
Fiber 4 1
Sugar 8 19
Protein 11 1

Similar calories- but less sugar, more fiber, waaaaay more protein.  The three things that count heavily when you are searching for something nutritious to eat.  It’s actually HEALTHY. Not to mention each MF item contains 20% of all your daily vitamins and minerals.

When you consume a traditional pudding, or hot cocoa or brownie- what is nutritionally dense about it?  Nothing.  It’s all carbs and sugar.  Last time I checked Betty Crocker’s brownie box- there was ZERO vitamins or minerals in it.

You are in control of your body and you have control over what you choose to use as fuel for your body.  Nutritionally dense food, or “junk”.   After all the hard work and effort you’ve put into getting your health back, I’m confident you will make the right choices.


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