Have you had your Body Fat Percentage Checked?

In 1997 I had my body fat tested at Nautilus Gym.  This was back when I was exercising and working out regularly.  This was also before kids, and before gaining 55 pounds with my first pregnancy.

My Body Fat Percentage: 20.2%.   I was 24 years old.

Fast forward 14 years….three pregnancies….never fully losing any of my pregnancy weight. I tried diet and exercise, over and over, and I could not shake “those last 10”.  I didn’t think I was that “fat” but online calculators showed different.

My Body Fat Percentage: 29%.  Ouch.

Here’s a calculator you can check- it’s not completely accurate, but it gives you an idea of where you may be:


In November 2011 I started the Take Shape for Life program (TSFL).  I had a goal of losing those 10 pounds.  Turns out I had more than 10 pounds to lose.  I lost about 15 pounds and have been maintaining my new weight/size for the past 3 months.

Feeling pretty good about myself, even though I’m not exercising, I decided to get my Body Fat Percentage tested again- professionally.  I went to a gym that has the Bod Pod, which is supposed to be extremely accurate.

My Body Fat Percentage = 18%

EIGHTEEN percent!  LOWER than pre-kids!  Holy cow!!  Know what this means?  TSFL works.  It truly does burn the fat and you do not lose muscle on this program.  It WORKS.

So what’s next?  I’ve got a goal of getting down to 15%.  I probably won’t get officially tested again, but I know what I want to look like.  I plan to do another Fat Burn Blitz (going back on the 5 & 1 for a couple weeks) and then start an intensive weight training program with a goal to look like this:


(image from here)





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