It’s Been Three Months…

Goal to Maintain: Current:
Weight 122.4 123.0
Waist (narrowest point) 27.25 27.25
Waist (belly button line) 29.25 290
Hips: 35.5 35.0
Thighs: 20.2 20.0


It’s been three months since I started Transition/Maintenance and for the most part I’ve stuck to eating healthier than I was before the program, but I’ll admit to falling off the wagon somewhat.  Things got particularly bad the first couple weeks in March when Jim’s dad passsed away and we were getting together with family every day, eating whatever people brought us or whatever was “fast” and available.  The only meal I would prepare every day was breakfast- usually a vegetarian omelet.  The rest of the day was spent gobbling Subway Sandwiches, lasagna or spaghetti, pizza (lots of pizza), soda, beer….I was totally off plan.  Wait, we did go out to breakfast a few times.  And I splurged with french toast, or crepes.  Eating frequent meals went out the window, too.  It was breakfast around 8:00 then nothing again until 2:00 with a big dinner around 6:30.  Again- totally off plan.

For the first couple days I was eating a lot- gorging on garlic bread and pasta and drinking soda and beer- and my weight started to creep up.  Then I decided that I needed to get back on track. One slice of garlic bread is OK, I don’t need three.  A beer or soda is OK if it’s just one per day, not several.  A small serving of lasagna or spaghetti is fine, just load up on the veggies, and be sure to eat a good protein source along with that (usually I’d eat a MF bar or drink a MF hot cocoa to ensure I was getting the protein I needed).  And eat often.  Get back on the 5-6 small meals a day.

I did that…..and my weight dropped to where it was before the bingeing and stabilized.  So here I am, three months after transition- spending a couple weeks completely off plan bingeing, and my weight has maintained where I want it….at 123 pounds.  I took measurements this morning- and they are right where they were when I went off the 5&1.

So see?  The plan really works!


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