After TSFL: checking in… year after losing the weight

So it’s been a year since I hit my target weight using the TSFL program, and began my transition and maintenance. I’m happy to report that by continuing to follow the basic principles the BeSlim philosophy, I’ve been able to keep that weight off.

I have to admit, if you stray from those principles, the weight DOES come back. I remained strong and true over the Halloween holiday (I have a massively overpowering sweet tooth), but come Christmas time my healthy eating went out the window. I didn’t think I was doing too bad, but looking back I realize I was reverting to my old old ways.

Rather than going back on plan to lose these quickly acquired 4 pounds, I’m just getting back to the BeSlim basics:

B= Breakfast. Eat breakfast EVERY morning and preferably within 30 minutes of waking. Eat something primarily protein based, wholesome and filling.

E= Exercise. I’ll admit, I don’t exercise. But I also don’t sit on the couch and watch TV all evening, nor sit at a desk all day for work. I’m always on the move and physically active. However, I SHOULD still add some type of formal exercise to my daily routine for heart and joint health.

S= Support / Six Small Meals. The true BeSlim acronym has Support for “S”. Meaning with the TSFL program you have the support of your coach and other team members to keep you going. I do belong to a couple groups that keep me inspired and thinking healthy. But more importantly is the Six Small meals (OK, maybe 4 or 5 is more like it). Eaten often and eating well is KEY. Probably one of the most important aspects to keeping the weight off. Food is fuel for your body. Much like you can’t drive your car 2 hours after the tank has gone empty, you shouldn’t be running your body on empty either. Keep it fueled throughout the day, eating small meals every 3 hours.

L= Lean & Low Fat. This is kind of a catch 22 thing. Lean, yes, eat lean proteins. Choose naturally low fat foods. But here’s the catch… if something is normally full fat (like yogurt, or cheese or cream) then I opt to eat that full fat version and not the non-fat or low-fat version. Why? Because they add sugar. I’ve found that sugar consumption is THE main thing that causes weight gain for my body. I can over consume in calories, eating high fat foods and maintain my size, but once I start sneaking in sugar- even if I eat less calories per day, that sugar is what activates the fat stores in my belly. Read the labels. If the calories are close enough, I look at protein and sugar- opting for the higher protein and lower sugar. Those two almost always offset each other.

I= Individual Plan. I guess this goes with the above. Figure out what your body needs to keep it optimally fueled so that it’s not storing those excess calories as fat, and stick to that individualized eating plan. My individual plan for success is to eat often, focus on protein and veggies, stay away from sugar and simple carbs, very rarely eat bread or pasta, and simply be mindful of my choices.

M= Monitoring. Yep- monitoring what you are eating….and what you are weighing. Keep in mind that with this program you are drinking A LOT of water. If you stop drinking that much water your body will start retaining water, causing about 3-5 pounds of water weight gain. My weight will fluctuate about 3 pounds solely related to the amount of water I’m drinking. The more I drink, the less I weigh. The less I drink, the more I weigh. But I still know what target range I need to stay within and I monitor that very closely.

Again, this plan WORKS but you have to make the commitment for life, which is really easy to do when you have the success of being healthy and optimal weight (and toss out all your fat pants so you can never go back!)


One thought on “After TSFL: checking in… year after losing the weight

  1. Thank you for the encouraging post! It’s great to hear those things again and again. I’m once again inspired to ‘be slim’. Back on the wagon!

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