After TSFL: What Doesn’t Work? What Works?

What doesn’t work?

  • Not eating breakfast
  • Snacking on Jelly Bellies, Starburst, Skittles, dark chocolate, licorice
  • Drinking soda
  • Drinking Starbucks several times a week
  • Eating pizza and hamburgers every week
  • Eating whatever I want- whenever I want
  • Eating large portions

What does work?

  • Eating a low calorie high protein breakfast (MF meal or yogurt or eggs)
  • Being aware of my sugar and simple carb consumption
  • Drinking water- a lot of water
  • Not drinking soda or snacking on candy
  • Being mindful of what I eat and what time I’m eating it
  • Spacing out my meals- getting back on the 6am, 9am, noon, 3pm, 6pm schedule

I KNOW that I only need to be eating about 1200 calories, and eating low calorie, high protein, low sugar meals and snacks, and drinking water…. but sometimes it’s easy to fall back to our old ways.  And that’s what happened to me at the start of this summer. I wasn’t focusing on spacing out my meals- I was eating whenever I was hungry, and whatever I was hungry for. I was snacking throughout the day, and not on healthy options. I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t eating to fuel my body, I was eating to satisfy the cravings in my mind and mouth.

You know how you go out of town on vacation and come back 5 pounds heavier because you ate a ton? And probably drank less water? But that quick weight gain is easy to lose.

This time the weight gain was going to stick, because it was coming on slowly as a result of my daily choices. Sure, I watched the scale go up every day- and I used the good old excuse of “it’s probably muscle- I know my muscles are bigger right now because I’ve been so uber active and working out.  Yeah, it’s just muscle mass”.   Nice try.

The good news is that it’s easy to reverse those bad habits, again.

Is living a healthy lifestyle easy? Heck no. Easy would be me eating whatever sounds good whenever it sounds good….easy would be hitting up fast food and convenience foods.  Easy would be me being 20 pounds heavier.    Oh that would be sooooo easy.

I’m NOT choosing easy. I’m choosing sexy.  I WILL be wearing bikinis at the pool this summer and I will NOT give that up. I KNOW how to keep going, I KNOW how to keep the weight off. I WILL succeed. I WILL win!


One thought on “After TSFL: What Doesn’t Work? What Works?

  1. Yeah, I gained over this past year of maintenance too. I didn’t think I was going to far afield, but seems I must have. I went back on plan a month ago. It has been easier this time than the first time, and I have lost quickly. I’m down to a lower weight than I was the first time I went into transition. That is kind of gratifying because I can see the muscles I have been working so hard to gain.

    I like your “What does work” list. I am using that list, with the addition of one item. I am reading Dr. A’s new book, Discover Your Optimal Health.

    I was just reading again your “What doesn’t work” list. Aughh! Starbucks/Coffee House kinda of drinks! Just on special occasions, you know. Which ended up being just about weekly! I think that is going to have to go on my Abstainer list instead of Moderation list.

    Thanks for posting!

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