Fresh Start: Week 2

At this point, I decided I’m not really following the 4-2-1 plan, but rather just making healthy food choices and eating 6-7 times a day.  I’m still trying to incorporate Medifast Meals as snacks, because I need to USE them since I HAVE them, but I use them more as a base- and add to it in order to ensure I’m eating enough calories.   I have to consume a minimum of 1200 calories on this plan.  It’s not a “diet- eat less” plan, it’s choosing to eat the right things at the right time and eating enough.

I’m definitely taking a more serious approach with my eating and fitness….I no longer have a weight LOSS goal, I have an inches lost and fat loss goal.  My goal is 6-pack abs and a firmer backside!


DAY 8: Tuesday 06/30/15 
CALORIES CONSUMED:  2,120    EXERCISE:  – 829    NET:  1,291

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
Breakfast: Berry Crunch Cereal w/Almond Milk (didn’t drink milk left in bowl)
AM Snack: 1/2 Avocado, 1 T peanut butter
Lunch: Caprese Salad, nectarines, iced latte (homemade) w/ half almond milk,  half skim.
PM Snack: Medifast Pudding
Pre-workout Snack: Protein Bar (2 hours before), 1/2 Banana, PB on slice of whole grain toast (1 hour before)
EXERCISE:  Gwen’s Fitness Class (1 hour)
Post-workout Snack: smoothie with greek yogurt, 1/2 banana, mixed berries, spinach, ground oatmeal, 1/2 scoop protein powder, skim milk

Wow I ate a lot this day!!


DAY 9: Wednesday 07/01/15 
CALORIES CONSUMED:   1,609   EXERCISE:  – 690    NET:    919

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
EXERCISE: 2.1 mile run with my 12 year old daughter!!
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 1 slice of whole wheat toast w/ butter
EXERCISE: Natalie Jill Fit 100 Glute Bridge Lifts
AM Snack:  Baby-bel Cheese
Lunch: Tri-tip steak, banana
BODY FAT BODPOD MEASUREMENT: 21% (no eating or drinking for 2 hours prior)
PM Snack: PB&J sandwich on whole wheat bread
Dinner: Spaghetti- but instead of noodles I used ‘cucumber noodles’ and brown rice
PM Snack: Banana

I’ve decided I’m kicking up my fitness level and activities….I’m going for six-pack abs and a cheeky-worthy derriere!


DAY 10: Thursday 07/02/15 
CALORIES CONSUMED:  1,735      EXERCISE:  – 1041       NET:  694

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
EXERCISE: 2.1 mile run (record pace!)
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs, 1 slice of whole wheat toast w/ butter
AM Snack:  Medifast Mashed Potatoes w/sprinkling of shredded cheese & greek yogurt
EXERCISE: Natalie Jill Fit Butt Lift Workout (100 per leg: Donkey Kick Ladder)
Lunch: Bowl with brown rice, black beans, salmon and Yumm Sauce, another coffee
PM Snack: Medifast Pudding
Dinner: Salmon and romaine salad
Pre-Workout Snack: Zone Perfect Bar
EXERCISE: Wendy’s circuit class- 1 hour
Post-Workout Snack: Baby-Bel, Corona (had a friend over)

Gosh I hope I ate enough!!


DAY 11: Friday 7/3/15
CALORIES CONSUMED:  1,627       EXERCISE:  – 990       NET: 637

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
Breakfast: 2 fried eggs
AM Snack: Medifast Mashed Potatoes with shredded cheese and greek yogurt
EXERCISE: 3-mile walk with hubs!
Lunch: DQ Mini Blizzard- salted caramel truffle (I already had 16,000 steps in by then!)
PM Snack: Mixed Nuts, Banana
EXERCISE:  Natalie Jill Fit 100 Hamstring Curls with a Stability Ball
Dinner: Tri-tip steak slices, Asparagus, Multigrain Sea Salt chips with Organic Salsa
PM Snack: Greek yogurt with cocoa powder and a sprinkling of chocolate chips, Dove Square


DAY 12: Saturday 7/4/15
CALORIES CONSUMED:   2,459      EXERCISE:  -894    NET:  1,565

Considering it’s the 4th of July…. I think I did pretty well!

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
EXERCISE: 2-mile run with hubs!
Breakfast: 2-egg omelet with shredded cheese, salsa, avocado, 1/4 mango
AM Snack: Zone Perfect Bar
Lunch: Buffalo Chicken dip with celery and multigrain chips
EXERCISE: 1-mile walk with hubs!
PM Snack: Medifast Ready to Drink Mocha
EXERCISE:  Natalie Jill Fit 100 Glute Bridge Lifts with Stability Ball
Dinner: 4th of July!  BBQ Burgers (mine was topped with avocado, blue cheese, Frank’s red hot sauce and I used lettuce for the top bun.  Bottom bun was whole wheat).
PM Snack: 4th of July! 2″ Ghiradelli Brownie topped with a 1/2 cup of tillamook ice cream
ALCOHOL:  2 Coronas
Yay for keeping the holiday healthy!!  Relatively….


DAY 13: Sunday 7/5/15
CALORIES CONSUMED:  1,615       EXERCISE:  – 220     NET:  1,395

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
Breakfast: 2 eggs
AM Snack: baby-bel cheese, 1 bite of brownie (bad, bad!!)
EXERCISE: 2.5 mile walk with hubs
Lunch: Tri-Tip sandwich: open faced, whole wheat, horseradish mayo, tomato, cheddar cheese, lettuce top
PM Snack: 1 oz of mixed nuts, diet Dr Pepper
Dinner: 2 thin slices of tri-tip, greek yogurt parfait (greek yogurt, blueberries, pumpkin flax granola)
PM Snack:  Dessert- the last of our brownies (we each got 1/2 a brownie- a teeny portion, and 1/2 cup of ice cream)

Desserts are my weakness.


DAY 14: Monday 7/6/15
CALORIES CONSUMED:  1,384         EXERCISE:  – 356   NET:  1,028

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
Breakfast: 2 eggs
AM Snack:  MF Crunch Bar
Lunch: Smoothie- mango, banana, berry, greek yogurt, protein powder, skim milk
PM Snack:  Banana Ice-Cream Parfait (frozen bananas- blended, topped with greek yogurt and whipped cream)
Dinner:  Stir-fry with elk, broccoli salad mix, cabbage, mushrooms, brown rice
PM Snack: mixed nuts


Weight Loss This week:    .6 pounds
Overall Weight Loss:         .8 pounds
Inches Lost this week:      1.125
Overall Inches Lost:          2.875

Body Fat Percentage (Calipers):  20%

Inches Lost utilizes the following measurements: natural waist, belly button line, hips, upper thigh

Calipers measure skin fold at back of arm, halfway between armpit and elbow- I have a mole for a marker, skin fold at waist- direct line with belly button, just above/inside hip bone (at natural indentation), and skin fold at thigh, halfway between knee and groin- I have a mole there that I use each time.  Using the same points each time SHOULD be accurate.


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