Fresh Start: Week 3

I’m one of those people who HAS to hold myself accountable in order to make progress.  So I’m continuing this journaling until I reach my goals.

As I mentioned before, I’m no longer doing a specific Medifast program, I’m just following the BeSlim approach- making healthy food choices and eating smaller meals every 2-3 hours.  If I feel hungry, I eat, but eat smart.  If I’m eating properly, I won’t feel hungry between meals, but with my added workouts, sometimes that’s not long after eating!

Here we go for Week 3:


DAY 15: Tuesday 7/7/15
CALORIES CONSUMED: 1,627     EXERCISE:  -288    NET:  1,339
Carbs vs Protein:  190 / 109

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
Breakfast: 2 eggs, Medifast Cereal with whole milk
AM Snack: Special K bar
Lunch:  Stir-fry (teriyaki elk, cabbage, broccoli salad, mushrooms, brown rice)
PM Snack: Greek Yogurt and rhubarb crisp, baby-bel cheese
Dinner: Greek Yogurt and Rhubarb Crisp (bad, I know, but it was soooo good!!)
PM Snack (at class): Medifast Crunch Bar

I started Real Estate school last week.  Thankfully the majority of the lessons are online, and I can use my Treadmill desk while I participate in the course.  But on Tuesday nights, I have a live class to attend, and it’s 3-hours long. That’s 3 hours of sitting!  Plus driving to and from, so 4 hours of sitting.

Further complicating my progress- it’s on the night that I do my circuit class, so that’s one major workout that I’m going to be missing out on every week.  Additionally, I have my daycare job during the daytime, so getting my 10K step minimum is going to be a challenge…..obtaining my 15K ‘average’ will be an even bigger challenge.


DAY 16: Wednesday 7/8/15
CALORIES CONSUMED:  1,965    EXERCISE:  – 1,251    NET:   714
Carbs vs Protein:  183 / 123

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
EXERCISE:  2.1 mile run
Breakfast: 2 eggs, slice of whole wheat toast w/butter
EXERCISE: 1-hour fitness class with Gwen
AM Snack: Pure Protein Bar
Lunch: tri-tip sandwich- whole wheat bread, mayo, horseradish, cheese, lettuce, tomato and 4oz coca-cola
PM Snack: rhubarb crisp with greek yogurt, mixed nuts
PM Snack: chocolate protein shake (cuz I wanted something sweet and needed to bump up my net calories!)


DAY 17: Thursday 7/9/15
CALORIES CONSUMED: 1,805     EXERCISE:  – 785    NET: 1,020
Carbs vs Protein:  123 / 126

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
EXERCISE:  2.3 mile run
Breakfast: 1 egg, bowl of Medifast Cereal w/whole milk
AM Snack: none (wasn’t hungry!)
Lunch: last piece of tri-tip (finally!), peanut butter on whole wheat bread
UM, not hungry for 3 hours???  What?????
PM Snack: Caprese Salad: tomato, basil, mozzarella, mixed nuts
Dinner: Soft Tacos: carne asada, cabbage, tomato, salsa
PM Snack: chocolate protein shake- needed to bump up calories and get more protein!

I’m finding it harder to eat- I’m not hungry- not sure if it’s because I’m just super busy and not thinking about it, or if my body simply isn’t hungry- which I’m not sure if that’s a bad thing or a good thing? Does that mean my body is utilizing it’s fat stores to fuel itself so it’s not needing more food….or does that mean it’s storing the food I’m eating so it doesn’t need more food?  I guess time will tell. I’ve had really low NET calories the past few days, which I don’t like.


DAY 18: Friday 7/10/15
CALORIES CONSUMED: 1,751     EXERCISE:  – 754   NET: 997
Carbs vs Protein:  167 / 117

I started a “new” plan today per the recommendation of my trainer, Wendy.  She’s been telling me for a few weeks now that I need to eat more protein, that I need to strive for 1.5-2 times my body weight… that would be 200-260 grams of protein every day.  I’m only consuming an average of 100-120 per day, so I need to DOUBLE that, without increasing my fat or carbs.  That’s going to be a challenge because my favorite protein foods are nuts, greek yogurt, cheese, avocado, eggs, all of which either have high fat or a decent amount of carbs.  Actually, she wants me to keep my carbs below 100.   I’m supposed to stay away from fruit for a couple weeks because fruits are high carb……except berries. So, I’m going to start posting my protein and carb counts daily as well….

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
Breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 egg
EXERCISE:  Circuit Class with Gwen, followed with a 15-minute run
AM Snack: Dutch Bros White Mocha (yep, I was bad)
Lunch: Pure Protein Bar (meal replacement) and slice of cheese
PM Snack: Medifast Crunch Bar
Dinner: Bowl w/ elk steak, black beans, rice & avocado
PM Snack: Medifast “fudge” (Hot cocoa mix w/peanut butter and greek yogurt, chilled), 3 strawberries


DAY 19: Saturday 7/11/15
CALORIES CONSUMED:  1.501    EXERCISE:  – 289    NET:  1,212
Carbs vs Protein:  98 / 137 (better!!)

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free Syrup
Breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 egg
AM Snack: 1/2 Pure Protein Bar (during CPR class)
Lunch: other 1/2 Pure Protein Bar, slice of cheese
PM Snack: Medifast Pudding mixed w/ 1/2 cup greek yogurt
PM Snack: can of tuna (blah)
Dinner: Yumm bowl (chicken, black beans, pico de gallo, avocado, yumm sauce)
1″ slice of birthday cake….er, graduation cake.  Our neighbor brought it over and I just could not help myself- and it was sooooo good.  But that super sweet sugar after-taste is killing me.  Gah.  Yuck.  Although it tasted delicious at the time, that slime coating in my mouth reminds me that this is not the path to 6-pack abs.  Ha!


DAY 20: Sunday 7/12/15
CALORIES CONSUMED:  1,625    EXERCISE:  – 268    NET: 1,357
Carbs vs Protein:  65 / 115

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free
Breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 egg
AM Snack: Zone Perfect graham bar & slice of cheddar cheese
Lunch: Costco Food Court: turkey provolone sandwich, removed top of bread
Dinner: 3 egg-white omelet with pico de gallo, spinach and cheddar cheese
PM Snack: Raspberries

I was not hungry hardly at all yesterday or today. It’s hard for me to eat enough calories (and I’ve indulged in some high calorie foods!) and even harder to eat enough protein.  Nowhere near the amount my trainer wants me to eat.  So hard!!


DAY 21: Monday 7/13/15
CALORIES CONSUMED:  1,679   EXERCISE:  -600     NET:  1,079
Carbs vs Protein:   118 / 148

Coffee with Half & Half and Torani Sugar-Free
Breakfast: 2 egg whites, 1 egg
AM Snack: EAS Whey Protein shake with 1/3 banana & 1/2 c almond milk
Lunch: stir fry: chicken thighs, cabbage, broccoli, small amount of yakisoba noodles.  To kick up the protein levels for this meal I also had 2/3 cup greek yogurt with several raspberries.
EXERCISE:  Natalie Jill Fit – Muffin Top Crushing & Bridge Tricep Dip Kicks
PM Snack: Frozen banana blended w/greek yogurt, side of string cheese & 2 hard boiled egg whites
Dinner: Yumm bowl- brown rice, black beans, Yumm sauce, chopped tomato, avocado, pico de gallo, topped with 1/2 a chicken breast.

I ate SO MUCH this day.  It was so hard!!



Weight Loss This week:    .8 pounds
Overall Weight Loss:       1.4 pounds
Inches Lost this week:     1 3/8″
Overall Inches Lost:         4 1/4″

Body Fat Percentage (Calipers):  19%

Inches Lost utilizes the following measurements: natural waist, belly button line, hips, upper thigh

Calipers measure skin fold at back of arm, halfway between armpit and elbow- I have a mole for a marker, skin fold at waist- direct line with belly button, just above/inside hip bone (at natural indentation), and skin fold at thigh, halfway between knee and groin- I have a mole there that I use each time.  Using the same points each time SHOULD be accurate.  Same time of day as well… around lunchtime.


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