Weekly Updates (a good place to start)

Two Week Update

November 20, 2011

Really?  Has it only been two weeks?  OK, it’s been 2 weeks plus 2 days, but we don’t need to be exact here.

Here’s my current thoughts regarding this program.  I’ve been on it for 2 solid weeks and have lost 6.4 pounds out of the 10 pounds I am hoping to lose.

My current weight of 127 pounnds- I haven’t been this low since a brief few months in 2007 (well, that was actually 128 pounds).  Prior to that, it would be 13 years ago, before I got pregnant with my son when I maintained 120-123 for about a year, after losing 18 pounds!

This feels amazing.  It literally feels like the fat is just melting off me.  I’ve lost over an inch off my (read more…)


Three Week Update

November 26, 2011

Well, week three has been the hardest by far.  I’m really craving REAL food, SWEET food, JUNK food.  And having Thanksgiving at the end of this week was a killer!  I missed out on so many yummy treats that I would have otherwise eaten.

Weight loss has slowed tremendously.  I only lost .4 pounds during the 3rd week, with most of that being at the start of the week, and holding steady for the rest of the week.  At the time I write this, I’ve been at a weight standstill for four days, UGH!

Total loss at this point = 6.8 pounds.

I’m hoping to lose 5-6 more pounds before I transition off the diet. (read more…)


Four Week / One Month Update

December 2, 2011

What a killer week.  And I mean that as both bad and good!

My “week” is Saturday through Friday (since a Saturday was the first day I started the program).  Week 4 would be the week following Thanksgiving and boy, it started out as my hardest week so far.

I thought I did well over Thanksgiving, but apparently not!  Over weekend I felt so hungry, so tired.  I wasn’t as routine with my meals (nor water!) as I was before the extended holiday.  I was eating more randomly (not every 2.5-3 hours, but sometimes 2 hours sometimes 4 hours, sometimes breakfast not until 8:30 or 9:00, I was a mess).

I also felt so weak.  Trying to do things like rake leaves, hang Christmas lights, move stuff around in the attic- I just felt weak and fatigued, which I’m sure my body IS when it’s trying to live off 900 calories per day!

For FOUR days I was stuck at 126.6.  I felt like I was sacrificing food for nothing….no results.  It was very frustrating.  I seriously wondered if this was it- the lowest point my body would go?  It can’t be!  There’s still pockets of fat all over my waist and hips and thighs, so I knew there was more to lose.

Finally, on Monday the scale dropped .4 pounds.  I ate very “routinely” that day and make sure to pick up my water intake.

The next day it dropped .8 pounds.

The day after that another .8 pounds.

The day after that .2 pounds.

Then another (read more…)


Five Week Update

December 9, 2011

So I kicked off my 5th week in a not-very-good way, but it ended with me reaching my goal weight….for one day at least.  :)

My weeks are Saturday through Friday.

Saturday night we were having some friends over for dinner- Jim was making BBQ Baby Back Ribs, and the couple was bringing a side dish of spicy sweet baked beans loaded with bacon.  I knew both of those would be trouble, so  I made sure to have a big salad on hand, and I grilled some asparagus to hopefully ‘balance out’ the meal.  Well, I ended up not only eating more of the baked beans than I anticipated (likely throwing me out of my fat-burning zone because of the sugar!), but I also ate FIVE ribs….and I couldn’t resist eating 2 gingerbread cookies that they brought as ‘dessert’.  OH, and I had one bottle of Corona Light.

I knew I was going to blow my diet that night. And further complicating things- Riley’s birthday was on Sunday- CAKE.  I actually considered going completely OFF the diet for the weekend…eating everything I haven’t been able to eat (sandwiches, pizza, etc.).  I figured I could just kick it back up again on Monday.

But then I realized there’s no reason to go OFF the diet, I just need to stick to it the best that I can outside of those two “danger” meals…. because it’s much easier to get back on track when you are still partially ON it, right? (read more…)


Six Week Update-  It’s Time to Transition!

December 16, 2011

At the start of this week (remember Week 5 was very hard for me)….I realized that being this close to the end makes me really miss food.  Because I know it’s just a matter of weeks before I can start eating the things I’ve had to go without for the past six weeks!  I especially miss bananas, apples, grapes.  Kid foods like tater-tots, chicken nuggets, quesadillas, PB&J.  Yogurt.  Oatmeal.  BREAD. Flour tortillas and corn tortilla chips.  Pita or Flatbread Chips.  Doritos!  I want to make muffins- but I can’t eat em.  I want to eat a Dutch Baby or a Deep Dish Apple Pancake for breakfast (like Original Pancake House makes)….can’t.  Waffles with the family?  Nope.

I’ve also been pretty frustrated that the past two weeks have been a plateau.  No additional weight loss, even though I’ve been sticking to the plan.  The only thing I haven’t been doing is drinking water (bad bad, I know).  My measurements were continuing to go down, though, so Jim pointed out that I shouldn’t be frustrated because the program is working.

I decided early in the week that since I’ve plateaued, this would be my last week on the 5&1.  I would start Transition next week.  So I took some “After” pictures in my bikini and I can see a difference.  I feel like I look a heckuva lot better!  But I also see a couple areas that can stand to lose another 1/2″ or so.   No problem- I can do that the old fashioned way… with exercise.

Then something happened….

Wednesday the scale dropped .8 pounds.

Thursday the scale dropped .4 pounds.

Friday the scale dropped .8 pounds.

(read more…)


Seven Week Update

December 23, 2011

Well I completed my first week of Transition.  This was the week where ANY vegetable was OK to eat with my Lean & Green meal, but the rest of my meals continued to be Medifast meals.

I finally got to eat my Taco Soup (it contains red beans, black beans and corn- all were off limits during the 5 & 1.  I also ate french fries (those are potatoes, right?).  That was really the only thing I did differently.  We did go out to eat twice this week and both times I stuck to the plan, even though it might seem like French Fries “isn’t” sticking to the plan, it technically is (except that it’s not a ‘healthy fat’, so maybe it’s not sticking to the plan).  But it is.   What I mean is- I stuck to the carb/sugar requirements.  I had no bread products, no sweets or desserts, no soda, no fruit, no milk.  And it wasn’t hard to do, either time!  And I didn’t feel like I was missing anything.

This week I also ate more. I snacked (things like smoked salmon and mushrooms, or a slice of cheese and a small eggroll lettuce wrap, or a spoonful of peanut butter (whereas I was NOT eating peanut butter on the 5&1 even though it’s allowed).  And when I ate my Lean & Green meals they were huge (like big burgers, huge salads, steak AND chicken together).

I consumed about 1,300-1,600 calories each day and my weight basically maintained for the week.

Since starting the diet I’m down 11.8 pounds and I’ve lost 10.75″ from my waist, hips and thighs!

Since starting transition, however, I’m down another 1.2″.  That’s plain crazy!  I’m still shrinking!  (read more…)


Eight Week Update

December 30, 2011

So I finished the first two weeks of transition- adding in ALL vegetables the first week, and adding in 2 servings of fruit the second week.  I have to admit, I haven’t been eating 2 servings of fruit, nor a lot of extra vegetables….but I have eaten a half banana a couple times this week….and snacked on apple slices when I cut them up for the kids.  It’s nice to finally be able to do that.  And eat a few french fries (I know, I know, high in fat and unhealthy) but they ARE potatoes and I can now eat potatoes!!

I kicked off this week with Christmas Eve and Christmas Day….going completely OFF the meal plan for Christmas Day (I mean NO Medifast meals at all) and overeating in calories by double what I should have eaten, not to mention blowing my carb/sugar count out of the water.  I didn’t get back on track the next day like I should have, either.  I couldn’t resist all the temptations around me.

I found myself faced with a dilemma.  Do I just stop right there and quit the plan cold-turkey and see how I do?  I figured I’d probably do OK maintaining on my own without any Medifast meals.  But then I decided the program is written the way it is, for a reason.  I can’t say whether or not the plan works if I don’t actually follow it, right?  I had to follow through.  I have two more weeks of Transition, then I go into Maintenance (read more…)


Nine Week Update

January 7, 2012

No change in weight or measurements…..yay!  I’m right where I was at last week’s check-in…..right where I was when I decided to stop the 5 &1 program.  Maintaining at 122-123 and all my measurements are remaining stable.  Yippee!!

I’ve decided Transition weeks are waaaaay harder than being on the 5 &1 plan.  I’m hungrier (because I’ve added carbs back in which throws off the glucose levels in your body) and it’s much easier to ‘snack’.  I’m trying really hard to stick to eating every 3 hours or so, but sometimes I’m hungry earlier, and sometimes I eat something so filling that 4 or 5 hours go by before I’m hungry again.

It’s easier to “cheat” because theoretically, if a whole banana is OK to eat- and it’s 105 calories and contains 15 grams of sugar and 27 carbs….then why not eat 3 Dove Dark chocolates instead- it’s only 25 more calories, but has the same amount of sugar yet half the carbs?  Ok Ok, I know it’s wrong, it’s unhealthy and it’s not following the plan.  Sad that I choose to have chocolates over a piece of whole grain bread.  Or over a cup of yogurt.  But dang it, I LOVE my dark chocolate!

I’ve completed the first 3 weeks of Tranisition.  Today is my day to start Stage 4 of Transition: I finally get to add a serving of whole grain and another 6 oz of lean meat.

Here’s where I admit that I’ve already done that a couple times (making a sandwich with 1/2 an Orowheat Thin, or eating a 1/2 slice of Whole Grain Bread with a slathering of peanut butter, or (gasp) eating the top crust of a Costco Carne Asada Bake (but not eating the ends or the thick bottom crust)….and I did eat 1/2 a 6″ Subway Sandwich with just the bottom bread and not the top.

And I’ve been lately eating two Lean and Green meals….so I kinda already incorporated stage 4 of Transition.

So…..I’m skipping Week 4 and going straight to Maintenance.  According to TSFL, Maintenance looks like this (read more…)


Ten Week Update

January 14, 2012

YAY!!  I’ve been able to maintain size for 4 weeks now!  YAY!!

My goal for this week was to continue eating every 3 hours, targeting 6:30am, 9:30am, 12:30, 3:30pm, 6:30pm.  I figure that’s just a good life-long habit to get into.  I didn’t have a particular target for calories or fat or carbs or sugar…I just tried to eat as balanced as I could, still not eating pasta or starches.

I would eat a Medifast meal for breakfast, a healthy late-morning snack (usually yogurt or peanut-butter toast), a lean-and-green type healthy lunch, a Medifast afternoon snack, and a regular (and hopefully balanced) dinner.  Although there’s the nights where it’s go-go-go and I can’t have a sit down healthy dinner.  In that case it’s a Medifast bar for dinner instead and a hefty yet balanced afternoon snack.  I’m trying to eat (read more…)


Eleven week update

January 21, 2012
Yee haw!  It’s been a great week….and 5 weeks since I reached my target goal…..and I’m still holding steady!  Actually, even a teeny bit smaller!  And I hopped on the elliptical twice last week, three times this week….been doing push ups and ab work a few days a week, too.

THIS WEEK:  We were traveling for the first 3 days of the week so that pretty much threw out the time frames for meals….and what those meals would even be!  Not as Lean and Green as they are at home.  And I knew there would be too many food temptations surrounding me from morning ’til night.  I’ll admit that I DID eat a slice of pizza, a couple cookies, a danish and a handful of potato chips, but I did it “smart”.  I only ate those items with meals (as part of the carb balance) and I did NOT snack between meals.  That was very hard….  very very hard. (read more…)


Twelve Week Update

January 28, 2012
This is my third week of working out and I’m really seeing results! (read more…)

Thirteen Week….Fourteen Week…..Fifteen Week Update

February 18, 2012

Holding steady!

There are days where I make poor food choices, and there are days that make great food choices.

There are days where I’m lazy and spend much of my day sitting.  There are days where I’m uber active and physical all day.

There are days where I drink several bottles of water, and there are days that I completely ‘forget’ and don’t drink any water at all.

The point is….for every day that I do the “wrong” thing for my body….I make sure to have a couple days where I really focus on taking care of myself and doing the right thing.

As a result, I’m still maintaining my weight and size and still feel amazing!


It’s Been 3 Months!

March 28, 2012

It’s been three months since I started Transition/Maintenance and for the most part I’ve stuck to eating healthier than I was before the program, but I’ll admit to falling off the wagon somewhat.  Things got particularly bad the first couple weeks in March when Jim’s dad passsed away and we were getting together with family every day, eating whatever people brought us or whatever was “fast” and (read more…)



It’s Been 4 Months!

April 26, 2012

It’s been been four months since I started Transition/Maintenance and sadly I have not been doing well with following the plan…but look!  I’m still maintaining my weight and measurements!!

I do continue to eat 1-2 MF meals each day…..usually kicking off each morning with a pudding or pancake, sometimes I’ll make eggs for breakfast instead and have a pudding or brownie for my late morning snack.  And if there’s an evening where I feel a dessert is a must-have, I opt for a MF cocoa or brownie.  Bars satisfy the “I’m starving because I’m not eating often enough” immediate need for food. I always keep a few boxes of those on hand and throw some into my glovebox so I have them when I’m out and about.  Remember, the key is to eat often, eating low glycemic foods to maintain your glucose levels.  If you haven’t eaten for 3 hours and McDonald’s is your only option- then by all means eating something is better than eating nothing…but that doesn’t mean you get a big mac or an extra value meal.  It means you get a chicken sandwich (the cheap-o one, not the spendy high calorie one) and you remove one of the bun halves and drink it with water, not soda.  That’s my PERSONAL opinion, not a TSFL recommendation!  DO NOT DO THAT IF YOU ARE ON THE 5 & 1.  STOCK BARS IN YOUR CAR!!  (read more…)


It’s Been One Year!

January 7, 2013

So it’s been a year since I hit my target weight using the TSFL program, and began my transition and maintenance.  I’m happy to report that by continuing to follow the basic principles the BeSlim philosophy, I’ve been able to keep that weight off.

I have to admit, if you stray from those principles, the weight DOES come back.  I remained strong and true over the Halloween holiday (I have a massively overpowering sweet tooth), but come Christmas time my healthy eating went out the window.  I didn’t think I was doing too bad, but looking back I realize I was reverting to my old old ways.

Rather than going back on plan to lose these quickly acquired 4 pounds, I’m just getting back to (read more…)


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