Ideas For Those “Not-So-Good” Medifast Meals

I made a goal for myself this week…. to use up my “not-so-good” Medifast meals.   And before I dive into what exactly those are…please keep in mind that everyone’s tastebuds are different….some things that I might like, you might hate, and vice-versa.

My absolute favorites that I keep on hand all the time:

Puddings– all flavors.  Love them as a “dessert” treat. Especially with some whipped cream and a sprinkling of dark chocolate chips or sliced bananas or strawberries!
Hot Cocoa– also a great “dessert” treat when I’m craving something sweet after dinner.
Crunch Bars– most flavors.  I always keep 1 in my purse and 1 in my car for an emergency snack/meal.
Brownies– can you tell I have a sweet tooth?
Mixed Berry Crunch Cereal- simply delicous!  Satisfies cereal cravings for sure!

But I also have a lot of the following:

Soups- chicken & rice, beef vegetable, cream of broccoli,
Soft Serve- mint, coffee, mango
Shakes- vanilla, dark chocolate, cherry pomegranate
Oatmeal- maple
Eggs- original
Pancakes– I actually LIKE these, but just never choose to eat them.

Since I won’t be doing the 5&1 plan again, I really don’t need to have so much ‘variety’ in my Medifast pantry.   I usually only eat 1 or 2 MF meals a day (and not always every day).  I find myself avoiding my non-favorites and only eating my favorite 5’s, so I came up with a plan:

I can’t have any of my favorites until everything else is gone.  Everything.  Gone.  And with the “Stop.Challenge.Choose” 12-week challenge taking place, I’m going to be eating more of my MF meals as I follow a modified plan….not quite a 5 &1, more like a 3&3.

Rather than torturing myself with these unpalatable foods, I decided to use them creatively!

SHAKES & SOFT SERVE:   I’ve learned that shakes and soft-serves can be mixed with coffee and drank as a hot drink (albeit a “thick” hot drink- lol!)  Seriously, though, I add the packet to 12-oz of coffee and it’s just fine.  To make the texture better, I actually mix the packet with about 6-oz of cooled coffee in my Magic Bullet, then pour that into my giant coffee cup, add fresh hot coffee, and maybe microwave it for 20-30 seconds to make sure it’s hot enough.   Even the cherry pomegranate is good mixed with coffee.  You can also make some “ice cream pies” with the soft-serves.  The coffee and chocolate mint flavors make FANTASTIC desserts!  YUM!

SOUPS & CHILI:  If you like chips (potato chips, corn chips, crackers, etc.) then this is a good one!  Make them out of the soup!  They are amazingly delicious and crisp!  The process is simple, really.  Pulverize the soup in a Magic Bullet until it’s a fine powder (sometimes the beans/peas/carrots don’t fully pulverize, but that’s OK).  Pour the powder into a tiny bowl and add 3T of cold water.  Mix into a paste.  Let it sit for a little while to rehydrate some of the dried veggies.  Then, get a cookie sheet out, line it with parchment paper, spritz some olive oil on it, put your “ball” of “dough” in the middle, spritz olive oil on another piece of parchment paper and put that paper on top (oil side down), roll out the “dough” so it’s super thin (think “chip” thin).  Peel off the top parchment paper, put in the oven at 350-degrees for 8-10 minutes, remove, cut into “chips”, separate the chips, put back in the oven for another 4-6 minutes to crisp and brown.  Delicous!  And you can now have “dipping chips” that you can eat guilt free!  Salsa, guacamole, cheese sauce, spinach dip, soft cheeses, you name it!  A great healthy snack!

(I’ve also read that you can not roll the dough so thin….and end up with a “soft shell” of sorts, kind of like a tortilla.  I haven’t tried that yet to confirm.  If you’ve done it, post in the comments!)

OATMEAL & EGGS:  Use those to make muffins, mini-pies, etc!  My favorite is the lemon meringue pie.  YUM.  You can google “medifast oatmeal recipes” and find all kinds of alternate-use recipes.

PANCAKES:  The options are endless there- from pancakes, to muffins, to bread, to donuts!  Mmm….. a great grab and go item!  I like to eat mine as a muffin and top it with fresh raspberries and a dallop of greek yogurt (or whipped cream) as a sweet snack.  I actually like the pancakes, but never choose them as my “snack”.

MANGO SOFT SERVE:  OK, I need help with this one.  I cannot stand it.  At all.  AT. ALL.  Which is weird because I love mangoes.  Does anyone have a creative way to eat this?  I have 7 packets of it!  I did try a “mock cheesecake” recipe with it, and it was so disgusting I spit it out.  And dumped it down the drain.  Please help me!

What have YOU done with those “not-so-good” meals?  I’m always looking for more ideas to share!

(P.S.  I’m still a coach- if you want to join the Stop.Challenge.Choose program, just follow this link and use my name as your coach (Elisa Buckley, Oregon).  It’s FREE and you do NOT need to be following a Medifast or TSFL program to participate! )


Medifast Lemony DONUT!

Here’s a new spin on the Medifast Pancake mix….

We all know how to make a muffin out of the mix…..Wish you could have a donut?

Well you CAN!

I tried this recipe and it was actually pretty good!  I followed up by plopping my ‘donut’ into the toaster to give it a crunchier outer coating.  It was perfect!


1 MF Pancake Mix (1 Medifast Meal)
1 pkt Splenda (1 condiment & I didn’t find it necessary)
1/4 tsp. cinnamon (1/2 condiment)
1/8 tsp. baking powder (1/4 condiment)
1/4 tsp vanilla extract (1/4 condiment)
few drops of Lemon Extract
2 tbsp water
5 sprays of cooking spray (1/2 condiment)


Mix in a bowl then spoon into a small, round dish, and cook in the microwave for 60 seconds. (You can press a hole into the middle about halfway through cooking if you want a more authentic donut look.)

If you have a donut maker, spray it and spoon about a tablespoon of batter in each donut mold. Cook for 2-3 minutes until browned.

The first time I made it I used a small cereal bowl and put a ‘donut hole’ cutter in the middle of the dish before pouring the batter in…even though the cutter was metal, it didn’t seem to affect the microwave?   I ended up with a near perfect donut which I then popped in the toaster to make a crunchier outside- it was delish!

The second time I made it I just poured the batter into a small cereal bowl and microwaved it for 1:15 then sliced in half (like an English muffin) and toasted it that way.  Also delish!

Total: 1 Medifast Meal, 2.5 condiments

Medifast Pancake “Muffin”

I’ve tried making the pancakes as….well….pancakes.   They were OK, but awful thin.

I’ve tried making them as waffles.  That was an epic fail that caused a 4-hour soak of my waffle iron to get the batter off.  And yes, I oiled the waffle iron before adding the batter.  No luck.

My most favorite way to eat the pancakes- in muffin form!  And it’s so easy!  It’s my “go-to” breakfast 6 days out of the week.



  • 1 packet of MF pancake mix (chocolate chip, also works with plain- you can also add 1 teaspoon of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips to the plain version if you want a chocolate chip pancake!)
  • 2 ounces cold water


Use the shaker jar to mix the batter as directed.

Pour into a pyrex measuring glass (I use the 1 cup size)

Microwave on high for 1 minute and 30 seconds

Flip out onto plate.

Drizzle with Walden Farms sugar-free no-calorie syrup.