DAY 60 (Transition Week 3)

Weight this morning: 124.4


OK, so I finally was able to get on a scale. Sad to see that I’m back to 124.4 (remember, this is where I hovered for 3 weeks before finally deciding to stop the Medifast 5 & 1 and start the Transition weeks). BUT, my measurements stayed at my Target (actually went down a hair), so I can’t complain really about it. THIS is where I wanted to end up, remember?

I do want to start exercising….just need to find the time I guess.  My mornings are a lot earlier than they used to be.  Last year I didn’t need to get the kids up until 6:45.  This year they all have to be up by 6:15…..there goes a half-hour.

MEAL #1 @ 7:15 Chocolate Chip Pancake.  Late- oops!  I was up at 5:45 so should have eaten this at 6:15 as usual, but my usual has been off the past several days.  Oopsie.  Coffee.  Water.

MEAL #2 @ 10:00 S’mores Crunch Bar.  Another coffee.

MEAL #3 @ 12:30 My sweet tooth has really been getting to me.  Those little brownie bites in the freezer (leftover from Christmas- complete with a Tablespoon of Cream Cheese goodness on top of each one)….oh they are killing me.  I ate FOUR.  I finished them off.  Bad me.  But at least the temptation is gone.  I figured I’d better turn them into a meal somehow.  High protein- that’s the key to balancing out all the carbs I just ate.  I ate a couple eggs to counterbalance.  Not so lean….or green!

SNACK @ 2:30 A 1/4 serving of Inside Outside Eggrolls.  I wanted to snack on something…..and wanted my snack to be healthy and low-carb….

MEAL #4 @ 6:15 Lean & Green: 1/4lb elk burger open sandwich style on 1/2 an Orowheat Thin, topped with lettuce, tomato, pickle with more lettuce as the topper.  A serving of Kettle brand potato chips.

SNACK @ 8:30 Banana and a glass of milk

Total calories consumed: 1,632

Fat 72.7g 39.8%
Sodium 1,791.7mg
Carbohydrates 150.8g 36.7%
Sugars 78.8g
Protein 96.1g 23.4%


Calories           1,382
Fat                  30 19%
Carbs                173 50%
Sugar                  70
Protein                123 35%

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