Eleven week update

Maintain: Current:
Weight 122.4  122.2
Waist   (narrowest point) 27.25  27.1
Waist (belly button line) 29.25  29
Hips: 35.5  35
Thighs: 20.2  20

Yee haw!  It’s been a great week….and 5 weeks since I reached my target goal…..and I’m still holding steady!  Actually, even a teeny bit smaller!  And I hopped on the elliptical twice last week, three times this week….been doing push ups and ab work a few days a week, too.

THIS WEEK:  We were traveling for the first 3 days of the week so that pretty much threw out the time frames for meals….and what those meals would even be!  Not as Lean and Green as they are at home.  And I knew there would be too many food temptations surrounding me from morning ’til night.  I’ll admit that I DID eat a slice of pizza, a couple cookies, a danish and a handful of potato chips, but I did it “smart”.  I only ate those items with meals (as part of the carb balance) and I did NOT snack between meals.  That was very hard….  very very hard.

Calories Fat (g) Carbs (g) Sugar (g) Protein (g)
Saturday  1,903  88  196  63  96
Sunday  1,560  67  131  54  85
Monday  1,599  58  184  61  98
Tuesday  1,851  65  215  50  99
Wednesday  1,610  46  188  66  113
Thursday  1,309  46  130  62  93
Friday*  2,240*  116*  188*  60  103
Target:  1,514  31  181  64  143

Saturday: we got up early to head out of town so my breakfast was a little earlier than normal…at 5:45 am.  even though its a travel and visiting day I decided I would stay on track with my meal times so at 9:30 I ate a crunch bar.  We stopped at Starbucks on our way into town and I got a breve latte.  At 12:30 I made myself a pastrami sandwich on an Orowheat thin with a side salad.  At 3:30 we were having pizza for dinner.  We ended up eating a bit earlier than that (like 2:45), and I did have a few Pringles and 3 tiny Gingerbread cookies.  Only one slice of pizza!  Every bite was accounted for.  At 7:00 I ate my PM snack- a MF brownie and a banana.  Not entirely happy with myself, but I managed to stay away from “most” of the goodies that were available to eat.  Everyone else ate lots of cookies, had soda, chips, all kinds of yummy treats.

Sunday: we were still out of town.  Woke up at 7:30, ate MF Pudding and a banana for ‘breakfast’.  The real breakfast was served at 10:45 so that was my AM snack: eggs, bacon, toast.  I ate 3 pieces of (thin) bacon, 1 egg and 1 piece of Franz Whole Grain White bread with one half smeared with sugar-free smuckers jam.  Lunch was around 2:00 and it was a pastrami and cheese salad…yep, not on bread, just a big pile of salad with chopped pastrami and cheddar on top, and some honey mustard dressing.  YUM!  Along with that salad I ate a handful of chips (which ended up being a half serving according to the package- yay!) and 2 freshly made chocolate chip cookies, and a beer.  I’m eating well…Ha!  BUT I’m not snacking between meals!  Dinner was at 5:30- pork chops slow cooked in cream of mushroom soup, mashed potatoes, green beans, another salad, and some sugar-free jello.  I only ate a small scoop of potatoes and beans.  My plate was 1/2 salad!  I’ll admit to another 2 cookies immediately after dinner.  No eating after that though!

Monday: My ‘breakfast’ first thing after waking up was a cinnamon danish and a MF pudding….this was around 8:00.  The real breakfast was ready just before 10:00 and I ate three link sausages, a fried egg, and one slice of whole grain white toast.  Coffee, of course.  At 12:30 (on the road) I had my snack- a bag of Corn Nuts and a stick of elk pepperoni!  Ha!  At 3:30 I ate a MF Crunch Bar.   At 5:15 I stopped at Dutch Bros on my way to gymnastics and ordered a 16oz skinny sugar-free white mocha.  When I got home at 8:00, in a haste, I ate two MF meals- a pudding and a brownie.  I probably should have only eaten one, or none.

Tuesday: I woke up early and spent 20 minutes on the elliptical again!  Yippee!  I ate a 1/2 banana as my morning jump-start before the workout, then at 7:30 I ate a 2-egg omelet filled with mushrooms, avocado, bacon bits and italian cheese blend.  (When I say filled, I mean 2 mushrooms, 1/4 avocado, 1 T bacon bits and 3 T shredded cheese).  I also ate a slice of banana bread that one of my daycare families brought me!  Lunch was at noon (whoopsie 4.5 hours later) and was just a Chobani greek yogurt.  BTW, vanilla is the only flavor that is low in sugar, I really don’t care for it, so I sprinkle some cinnamon on it to make it more palatable.  PM snack at 3:30 was MF Cappuccino and a home-made sugar free skinny latte.  Dinner at 6:15 Inside Outside eggroll mix tossed with Shirataki tofu noodles (everyone else ate regular chow mein noodles).  Super low fat, high protein, low carb.  As I was making dinner I ate two more slices of the banana bread-  waaaaay too tempting.

Wednesday: Success on the elliptical again!  1/2 a pudding pre-workout, the other 1/2 post workout. 2 coffees.  AM snack at 9:30- I ate with the daycare kiddos- muesli!  (Oatmeal w/apples and cinnamon, a smidge of brown sugar and I mixed mine with greek yogurt.)  At this point of the day, due to my morning workout, I was only at 95 calories consumed!  Lunch was leftover Inside Outside Eggroll with Shirataki tofu noodles again. PM snack was sadly a 1/2 package of corn nuts and a 1/2 banana.  BAD BAD choices.  Lots of water today- something I haven’t done for several days now (whoops!).  And dinner was elk Filet Mignon, half a twice-baked potato, half a roma tomato and several roasted Brussels Sprouts quarters.  I liked the Brussels sprouts this time!  YUM!

Thursday: no workout this morning.  I ate a MF pancake for breakfast, and had three coffees.  AM snack was a “cherry pie” flavored Larabar.  I won’t be eating one of those again- not only was it not very tasty, it was 200 calories and didn’t leave me feeling satisfied.  Lunch was a little earlier as a result- I ate a Filet Mignon medallion and half a twice-baked potato.  No veggies this time around (well except for the potato).  PM snack was a MF brownie.  Dinner was (elk) stroganoff except I used Tofu Noodles for my serving and everyone else had regular whole grain noodles.  Temptation hit me about 8:30pm when I ate two fun-size candy bars. I was craving chocolate and sweets terribly, and fortunately had such a healthy day of meals that I could afford the fat, calories and carbs.

Friday: Success on the elliptical again!  I HAD to…..today is going to be a high-calorie diet-buster kind of day.  Here goes…1/2 a banana pre-workout.  At 7:30 I drank a MF cappuccino as my breakfast (along with a cup of coffee.)  AM snack was a MF crunch bar because I was out on the go and forgot to plan ahead….thankful that I keep these bars in my car!  Lunch, sadly, was 1/4 of a Little Caesar’s Pepperoni Pizza.  I thought I could get away with just one slice, but no….I ate FOUR slices which equaled 1/4 of a pizza.  560 calories and 64 carbs.  Egads.  PM snack was a MF shake….because…..dinner……was at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse!  YIPPEE!!  Jim and I were celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary (which will be on Monday, but tonight was our only available date night.)  I checked out the menu and nutrition value before we got there…with a plan to keep my calorie count below 1,000!!  (Hence the 4 MF meals today!).  But sometimes those plans just have to go out the window.  I actually didn’t fare TOO bad.  First up was two slices of the bread, then 2/3 of my caesar salad, dinner was two petite filet medallions (4oz each), both topped with stuffed shrimp.  I ate only one of the shrimp.  Side of sauteed green beans (ate some, not much) and had 2 bites of Jim’s garlic mashed potatoes.  Dessert was about 1/8 cup of berries (kid you not) with a cream sauce over them, and a tiny chocolate mousse cheesecake.  No drinks except water.  I did my best to estimate my calories and nutrients based on internet research.  I think I actually did pretty well!  Whew am I full though!


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