It’s Been Four Months!

Goal to Maintain: Current:
Weight 122.4 123.4
Waist (narrowest point) 27.25 27.5
Waist (belly button line) 29.25 29.0
Hips: 35.5 35.2
Thighs: 20.2 20.0



It’s been been four months since I started Transition/Maintenance and sadly I have not been doing well with following the plan…but look!  I’m still maintaining my weight and measurements!!

I do continue to eat 1-2 MF meals each day…..usually kicking off each morning with a pudding or pancake, sometimes I’ll make eggs for breakfast instead and have a pudding or brownie for my late morning snack.  And if there’s an evening where I feel a dessert is a must-have, I opt for a MF cocoa or brownie.  Bars satisfy the “I’m starving because I’m not eating often enough” immediate need for food. I always keep a few boxes of those on hand and throw some into my glovebox so I have them when I’m out and about.  Remember, the key is to eat often, eating low glycemic foods to maintain your glucose levels.  If you haven’t eaten for 3 hours and McDonald’s is your only option- then by all means eating something is better than eating nothing…but that doesn’t mean you get a big mac or an extra value meal.  It means you get a chicken sandwich (the cheap-o one, not the spendy high calorie one) and you remove one of the bun halves and drink it with water, not soda.  That’s my PERSONAL opinion, not a TSFL recommendation!  DO NOT DO THAT IF YOU ARE ON THE 5 & 1.  STOCK BARS IN YOUR CAR!!

I’ve really slacked on the exercise this past month, too, which doesn’t make me happy.  Certainly not on the track of getting to 15% body fat at the moment…I want that lean and mean body below!

Blogging this entry has definitely opened my eyes a bit more again.  It’s time to re-focus and add some exercise and strength training, cut back on the carbs (I’m back to eating sandwiches for lunch most days) and cut back on the sugar (I’ve kicked my Coca-Cola habit, but have been drinking juice, eating my Dark Chocolate, and with Easter this month I had my fair share of jelly-beans!).

Focus on eating healthy- ALWAYS.

Focus on being active.


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