DAY 61 (Transition Week 3)

Weight this morning: 123.4


That looks better to me!  Whew!

MEAL #1 @ 6:45 Medifast pancake, coffee, water

MEAL #2/SNACK @ 8:45 2 eggs and 4 chocolates. Yep! I have a bad habit of when things look good (weight/tone) I treat myself with something really bad.  Today it was a 4-piece box of Godiva chocolates.  Sadly I didn’t even savor each one and really enjoy the flavor- each one was eaten in two bites.  They went so fast I was disappointed when I realized I’d eaten the last one.  Sad.  Grrr.  To counterbalance the sugar and carbs, I ate 2 eggs.

MEAL #3 @ 11:30 Lean & Green: burger with cheese, a dab of light mayo and a slice of tomato wrapped in romaine lettuce leaves.

MEAL #4 @ 4:15 Shake– dang! I need to get better about the every 3 hours part.   I simply wasn’t hungry after that big lunch!

MEAL #5 @ 7:30 Lean and Green.  Taco Soup made with elk steak.  No chips for me.

Total calories for the day: 1,632

Fat 68.6g 37.9%
Sodium 1,331.9mg
Carbohydrates 148.7g 36.5%
Sugars 81.9g
Protein 104g 25.5%


Calories           1,382
Fat                  30 19%
Carbs                173 50%
Sugar                  70
Protein                123 35%

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